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Login and register with one-click on your website

Fastest way for your customers to login / register using their favorite social networks.

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How it works

Increase user signups on your website by allowing users to logging using their existing social network accounts.

  • Increased user engagement and simplified customer On-boarding
  • Obtain Verified Email and User Information and enhance your users' experience
  • Boosts conversion rates and increased Trust & Security
Works with all major contacts services, including
Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and more
  • Login using Google
  • Login using Facebook
  • Login using Apple
  • Login using Office365
  • Login using Amazon
  • Login using Linkedin
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With a one-click registration and login, Social Connect improves customer acquisition and retention.

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Improved registration with social login
Customize Service Buttons

SocialInviter offers over 15+ services to choose from, allowing your to aquire new customers with social referrals for your products.

and over 15 more!
Website login with social media
Fully Customizable UI

Customize SocialInviter plugin UI using our built-in easy-to-use online editor. Choose your own button colors, background color & callbacks to match your own need. Design and deploy plugin though our simple online editor, matching your theme without developer resources.

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In-Depth Analytics

Our user engagement analytics & dashboard provides in-depth analytics of the logins, imports, and usage. Our dashboard will help you to identify how your social login is working.

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Signup using Facebook
Send Events to Data Pipeline

Funnel every user activity to your data analytics platform. Receive your user's touch point events to your unified data pipeline dashboard.

Google Analytics

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Discover the power of SocialInviter User API and experience no-code editor
Simplify login and signups via REST APIs

Social Connect helps user to signing in faster and provides the benefit of having of their social media accounts connected. Social networks are always changing their APIs, we at SocialInviter keeps these APIs up to date, ensuring that our clients and their customers are not affected, this saves your development time and reduces development cost.

  • Simple API to use
  • Supports all popular providers
  • Reduces spam accounts and increases secure signin/signups
Social Login API