Frequently Asked Questions

Following is the list of most frequently asked questions about SocialInviter. Feel free to contact us if you have more questions.


Yes, you can fully re-brand OAuth login popups with your website branding.

Yes, you can change your domain any time by login to your account.

In case of new services released you will be notified through email or through your admin notification section.

By default when you open an account, you will get a 15 days trial, which contains all the services.

Once you add the script in your page, all the configuration of the plugin can be controlled from your account through the editor. So you don't have to be a developer to integrate our plugin.

One license is valid for only one domain

Plan & Pricing

Basic plan is out starting plan and is best suited for applications with low volume of users. Plus plan is our popular plan, is best suited for customers who wants to engage with Mail server and Social Networks. Pro plan is our business plan which has all the services and it will allows you to have the communication between mail servers and your server where by eliminating SocialInviter in the middle.

You can pick a plan from pricing page, then you will be taken to your account where you can make the payment for your plan.

There are no setup fees, no termination fees and no other hidden costs on any of our plans.

Yes, you can upgrade your plan any time by login to your account.

Yes, the product is fully customizable through the editor available under your account.


We take privacy seriously and we do not store any imported email id or other information of that users.

We do not store any login information of your users. All the service users oAuth authentication which allows the user to enter their credentials only on the service provider's login page. For service which uses direct login, the information will not be stored anywhere on SocialInviter side.