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Your service . Viral Acquire new customers every day!

Your customers are your best marketers. Enable them to get your website and service the referrals they deserve.

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Grow Your Reach, Quickly and Easily

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Accelerate Customer Acquisition

Drive customer acquisition with social referrals for your products and services. Spread the word about your business by bringing users to you.

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One Integration, One Time, Every Provider

Never again worry about integration with the myriad of social tools. Integrate once and get down to business. We’ll ensure that our service is always in sync with the social tools.

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Built by developers for developers

Get more done with less. Be up and running, fast, with the lightest and fastest social tool out there. We'll handle all the testing and debugging with the social tools for you.

SocialInviter vs DIY

SocialInviter cuts development, testing, and customization effort by 95%. Here’s how.

Using SocialInviter

  1. Sign up for SocialInviter
  2. Place SocialInviter JavaScript code in your product or website. You can use Google Tag Manager too so there’s no code change required.
  3. Select contact service you want to integrate with.
  4. Use our drag and drop UI editor to customize per your theme.
  5. Go live.

Development time Maintainance time
2 Hours
( Simple one time script installation )
0 Hours
( Auto update, no code change )
Do it yourself

  1. Contact first service for API Access.
  2. Learn their APIs
  3. Develop code to import contacts.
  4. Test code changes.
  5. Wait for production push to go live.
  6. Repeat steps 1 through 5 four more times (assuming you want to allow users to connect to at least 5 types of address books).

Development time Maintainance time
100 Hours
( 20 hours per addressbook X 5 )
50 Hours
( 10 hours every time API changes from vendor X 5 times )

Ready to give it a try?

Amplify your users the ability to acquire new customers and reach real people by 3X. Import contacts in seconds and eliminate the difficulty of entering contacts manually.

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Top Features

SocialInviter is a feature-rich service that helps you grow your business.

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Tracking & Analytics

Understand how your referral is working and who your most influential users are. In-depth analytics of contacts import usage by date.

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Easy Integration

Easy to install and integrate with different websites or platforms. Supports CMS integration with tools such as WordPress and Joomla.

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With simple-to-use REST API, connect and import user contacts from different providers with a single, secure, and fast API.

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Automate Workflow

SocialInviter provide a way to automate the workflow that pushes data in real-time to other business systems or APIs.

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Fully Customizable

Design and deploy plugin though our simple online editor, matching your theme without developer resources.

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Data Pipeline

Out of box integration delivers user engagement data directly to your analytics tool of choice such as MixPanel or Segment.