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Import all your email contacts

Want to import all contacts from your contact list? well, we have a great service for that. Using our service you can import contacts in seconds. We use oAuth authentication to authenticate the user and we do not use any phishing techniques.

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address book importer plugin

Message your social network friends

Friends Inviter is a great service to promote your website content among social network friends. Your end-user can share information about your website among their friends through private messaging and by bringing visitors to your website.

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Invite friends plugin

Fetch user profile information

Social connect is a great way to fetch profile information of a user where by you can use the information to signup/signin the user. Your users will spend less time signing in and more time using your website with the added benefits of having all of their social media accounts connected like never before.

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Login using social connect

Post content to user wall in clicks

Social post a great service to promote your marketing page or link or content by posting it to your social networks wall in just clicks and there is no additional steps by opening a popup to confirm the user about the links/content going to be posted.

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Social post


REST API Services

Offers REST API to import addressbook contacts, friends from social networks, send messages, fetched profile data and post content programmatically. For custom implementation without using our plugin, please use the REST API service.

Responsive template

The plugin is developed in supporting multiple devices in mind and responsive design is built-in. You don't have to write any extra code to work along with your website.

Customizable Plugin

The plugin is fully customizable through its configuration. All the content which appears on the plugin can be edited and so supporting multiple language comes handy.

White labelled

You can override any reference of our brand or name to your own company name and logo.

Offers JAR and DLL

Worried of making API calls to our server? no problem, get the JAR or DLL files which will make direct request to the social networks and no API call will be routed through our server. You can setup your own REST API service on your own server using DLL or JAR.

Free sample code

You are free to use our sample code, we offer sample code for REST services and for the plugin. The sample code are available for languages such as ASP.net, JAVA, PHP and JavaScript.

Intuitive Statistics

We provide a clean statistics of the API service under your account. We provide an insight of how many times the contacts has been successfully fetched and how many times failed.


We provide documentation for step by step implementation, we provide documentation for REST API and for Plugin usage.

About Us

What we believe

We want and do for you the best social API what will be ever exist. Our intention depend on perfect design and using the products for you, our customers. We think hard about every detail of our product and we want it to be perfect.

Our goals

Start with our product wasn't easy but we took from that times many opportunities and got new experiences. Which we now really need for our big goals. We plan get into world market and sell it to everyone. In this time we will make our products to make the web with better experience.

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